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Run by Clare Whidborne, the third generation at Manor Farm the farm shop business has continued to develop since it opened in 2012. With demand on the butchery department growing, Clare and her husband David Pill decided in early 2014 to expand the business with the addition of a sheep flock.

Situated on Davids family farm in Hendred, Oxfordshire the sheep graze on beautiful parkland grass fields and finished on stubble turnips that form part of the rotation for the arable business.

Both Clare and David continue to look at ways in which to bring both the farm and the farm shop together and continue to strive for more products produced by the farm. This gives us far better control over the quality and consistency of the finished product and also total traceability to our customers.

All our meat is guaranteed to be of the best quality and flavour. Reared on our farms or from approved suppliers under high welfare and farming standards.

In the fields in and around the village of Brightwalton we rear our own beef. We believe that traditional farming practices with a modern approach produce great tasting meat. Conservation and environmental integrity are the backbone of our farms, our stock is extensively grass fed, supplemented by home grown winter feed.

Animal welfare is a day to day priority; well-handled, calm animals produce tender tasty meat. The breeds of cattle we have are well suited to our climate and landscape, slowly grown to mature to the best taste.