Small Lamb Box


The Small Lamb Box, is packed with half of a lamb with a whole selection of cuts to eat fresh or to stock up the freezer.

There are roasting joints included in the box so you can all get round the table and enjoy with friends and family as well as cuts for slow cooking and some steaks for quick and easy meals.

Small Lamb Box contains the following:

  • 1 shoulder of lamb (cut in half unless otherwise requested)
  • Loin chops
  • Rack
  • Chump chops
  • Leg (cut in half unless otherwise requested)
  • Neck fillet
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Please note that orders received after 12 o’clock on a Thursday will not be despatched until the following Monday as chilled food cannot be delivered over a weekend as depots close and delivery slots are restricted. To ensure the product reaches you in the best possible condition as the correct temperatures, we advise that only mid-week delivery services are used.

We also offer the option of ordering and picking up from the farm shop. This service is free and saves money on the postage and packaging. It also gives you the opportunity to see our farm shop and maybe stop for a coffee in our lovely tea room.

If there is something that you cannot see or if you require delivery to outside mainland UK then please ring and we can quote you individually for this.

Woocool packagingThe packaging that we use for our meat boxes is a product called Woolcool.

The key component of Woolcool insulated packaging is pure wool; one of our most abundant and sustainable natural resources, being available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep.

The rise of man-made fibers has caused dwindling demand for wool and a low market value for fleeces, causing many sheep farmers to regard this by-product as waste rather than a valuable source of revenue.

At Saddleback we like the concept of making use of the resources around us and what better way to ensure the product reaches you in perfect condition than to deliver it using a material that it totally sustainable and biodegradable.

Once your products have arrived to you in the Woolcool packaging, you have a number of options. You can use it again and again for a similar sized box. Or recycle the various materials; the wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable and therefore can be recycled, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.

Should you want to actually make use of the wool material after it arrives in your meat box, you can take the wool out of the MDPE film used to enclose the fleece and use it in things such as lining your hanging baskets or insulating your vegetables.

The cardboard delivery boxes are also produced using recycled material and are recyclable at local authority waste depots.

The lamb is from our own farm at Hendred in Oxfordshire.

The sheep flock is a new enterprise and they graze on beautiful open parkland on the edge of the Downs and finished on stubble turnips which form part of the arable rotation.

The combination of having the sheep on the farm not only benefits the farm shop due to better control over the quality of the finished product and traceability of the lamb it also gives good reason to add stubble turnips into the rotation on the farm and a constant supply of manure back into the soil. On both sides it gives great benefit to the business.

We can honestly say that our husbandry is exceptional and this makes for very tender and great tasting lamb.

All the cuts are vacuum packed for freshness and can be frozen.  You are welcome to place an order for collection from the shop, this way you do not need to pay for postage.

If the lamb included isn’t quite right for you, then why not create your own box with our Bespoke Box where you can chose exactly the quantity of the cuts you prefer.